Why a live building blog?

‘Considered and considerate building work for period and modern homes’.

Perrett & Family Builders is a family-run building business based on Dartmoor.

We have a website – www.perrettandfamilybuilders.com and we use twitter (follow us @dartmoorbuilder).

We’ve also got a pinboard at http://pinterest.com/dartmoorbuilder

So why a live building blog?

Well, we thought it would be useful for prospective clients to see and read more formally and in more detail about recent and current projects.

Through all these ways of telling people about our growing and much-loved building business, we hope that our future customers can get a really complete picture of what we do, who we are and how we go about things.

Kind of important, we think, when you’re letting us into – and help make – your home.

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