Turning building upside down


Finding the right builder should be more like dating – and less like a market-stall bartering exercise.

Money, money, money


More often than not the entry point for a conversation with a builder is price. As important as it is to get good value, cost should be based on quality and experience. Not who can get it done quickest and cheapest.

We believe the more important deciding factor should be based on simple chemistry. Do you like us and could you trust us?



That’s right. We think building should be more of a dating game.

The best projects for us, so far, have been where we have great chemistry with a client.

For us – it’s when we’ve connected from the off. We’ve loved your project and we want to get stuck in straight away to help you make it happen.

For you – we hope you’ve appreciated our transparency, teamwork and clear communication. You’ve spoken to (and visited) at least two of our past clients and like what they’ve said about us. You’ve appreciated our thoughts and help on the plans, the Building Regs element and our process in providing you with a sound quote.

These are things that should matter in finding the right builder. That, and of course a reasonable and justifiable set of costs to build your project.

A new way – calling all Architects


We would even go so far as suggesting – find a builder first and then get planning.

So often we find we are being approached once plans are made and ideas are set in stone. It’s frustrating for us, as we often feel we could add real value in getting to a better, sometimes cheaper and even ¬†more thought through project design – if we were involved round the table at the beginning. Client. Architect. Structural engineer. Builder.

We love working with Architects – and we are lucky to have some great ones on our doorstep in Ashburton particularly. However, the construction plans we are given to work from are crucial in ensuring we deliver you a great build. If we could sit with an Architect earlier on, we believe these plans would be even more detailed, more perfect and more complete to move forward with.

Maybe there is a new way, a third way – that sees teamwork, transparency and great ideas driving a clients building project from the start.

The gauntlet is officially laid down.


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