A thank you letter to Marco.


Really. If truth be known. Marco is Perrett & Family Builders.

No-one else.

Not any of our skilled craftsman and collaborators, not the kids and not me. It’s all him.

It’s Marco who does the hard graft each day.

Marco who has the skill to understand what each job requires in terms of expertise, time and materials.

Marco who our clients warm to and whose work they go on to give glowing recommendations.

Marco who comes home at night – covered in dust/paint/plaster/cuts/grazes…take your pick – absolutely and totally, physically exhausted.

Marco who manages and delegates our great group of trades – who despite his incessant swearing and avid BBC Radio 6 or 4 listening – are always eager to work again and again with him.

It’s Marco who is making our business work and grow.

And all I wanted to say to him was…thank you.

He’s not bad at building (with Nancy) award winning banana dogs either (First Prize, 2011, Widecombe Fair, ‘Animal made out of a Vegetable/Fruit’ category). I rest my case.

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  • Karen Heath
    Posted at 22:58h, 16 March Reply

    Sweet! And the banana dog is double sweet! x

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