Rejection can be good for the soul.

We’ve just been rejected – and it was lovely.

We were involved in a large tender bid for a 20+ week building project in Exeter.

We had been talking with the client for around four months – when he first approached us back in November ’12. We were recommended to him by the structural engineers we often work with – Simon Bastone Associates (

Over the last few months there have been numerous e-mails; suggested timelines and recommendations on the tender process by us; a site visit by our team; two meetings with our Quantity Surveyor and a detailed tender document.

All resulting in a no. But what a lovely no. Here is ‘the no’…

We met with the other company yesterday afternoon and spent last night deciding what to do.  Unfortunately, we have decided to go with the other company.  We had every confidence you would do a wonderful job for us but we went for the other company for reasons of size (…). They are a bigger company and able to deliver the project more quickly.
We thought long and hard about whether we could use you.  Although we had only heard about you through a third party (Simon Bastone associates) we were won over by your professionalism  and honesty;  although I was aware of the various processes we had to go through, yours was the only firm which advised us of what the steps should be in a way which protected us as potential clients.
When we visited the site of one of your clients it was clear that he valued Marco and his team’s work greatly.   You had clearly established a very good working relationship with your client, something which is important….
…Thank you for all your efforts.  Your professionalism stands out completely (and) we were quite sorry that we were not able to give you the business.
Best regards,
To be honest, winning the contract would have given us (admittedly the very nice problem) of working out where to fit it in our schedule – the year’s diary is full.However, to be rejected so positively and so constructively leaves us with a real spring in our step.  We didn’t win this time round – but it feels like we’re on the right course to win the big prize next time round.
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