Re-writing the rules: the business of building

We are proud to be running a building firm – and a young, local family building firm at that.

Yet the word ‘builder’ to some people is a dirty word.

No more.

From this moment on, Perrett & Family Builders will do their utmost to return the industry of building and builders back to the golden age. Where their hard work was full of integrity and honesty – and in return, they and their craft were respected and admired.

Set down here, are the fundamental principles and ways of working we employ and have quietly been incorporating into the way we work since the very beginning. We hope these set of behaviours evolve from being considered unique within construction, to standard. And that builders and building will be celebrated once again.

1. Pricing and profit


We believe the expenditure in building a new home or extension needs to be justified – and our aim is to help you clearly see what is being spent, where.

We will present our costs clearly and transparently.

Our time and efforts will be charged accordingly, as we believe herein lies the value in appointing our company. Other building companies value will lie elsewhere (cheaper, quicker maybe). For us though and the way we are made, it’a about perfection, getting it right and doing it well.

Great admin, great project management, bespoke service, no hidden surprises.

As a client of ours said, “you get what you pay for”.

2. Collaboration to save time and create great homes


We will encourage our clients to appoint their building contractor earlier on in the process.

We will help them see that if you can get your builder round the table in the early days of the project – with the architects, structural engineers and clients – then you are bound to get a better, speedier and happier build later on down the line.

3. Design-literate as standard


We will continue to be interested in the power and influence of design, so that we can have a valid and valuable conversation on not just the production of a staircase, but the design of it as well.

4. Time, Cost or Quality – helping a client decide the benchmarks of success.


The classic project management triangle.

One will always take precedent over the other two – and to their detriment.

What is your critical factor?

We will help you identify this so that the management of your project gets off to the right start and the expectations of everyone are managed accordingly.

5. Encouraging people to appoint builders in a new way


The traditional entry-point for appointing a builder has been price.

While this is of course important – we believe there are some other questions that should be asked first or at the very least, simultaneoulsy.

Do you like us?
Do you think you can talk easily with us and that we can communicate well together?
Have you seen evidence of our work? Go look. Please.
Have you spoken to some of our clients – we have a lovely list of people very happy to act as referees
Did we respond quickly and have we kept our promises – phone-calls, site meets and estimate deadlines.
Have you seen our website?
Have you read the testimonials on our blog?

Right, that will do for now. You get the idea. This is the way we work and this makes us proud to be in the business of building.


Marco & Emma Perrett.

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