Perfection. By Marco Perrett.



For those of us that know Marco – the perfection thing is a bit of a joke between us, but it’s no laughing matter to him.


Perfection is about the detail. The little things that no-one else may notice but him – often because they’ll be buried under a floorboard or are 45 feet up on the side of a chimney.

Perfection is about taking just that little bit longer over something, because spending the time on it now, will mean the client won’t have to worry about it for another five years.

Perfection is about respecting someone else’s home. When you’re working in a client’s home, often whilst they’re living and working in it too, being tidy can make a real difference. Hoovering up at the end of the day is a real Marco ‘thing’…

And finally. Perfection is about being smart, crisp and even. It’s only a drain cover, but what a very perfect drain cover…


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