Perfect paperwork = perfect building project. Honest.


Or alternatively…efficient office = stress-free building team = happy customers.
It’s an equation we’ve been working on for a while – and we’re finding it really does pay dividends.
Now, my husband is many things. Great builder, clever bloke, all round nice guy.  We all love him. However, I’ll be honest. Invoicing; filing; follow-up phone-calls – a fan of he is not .
Which is lucky, because I – Mrs Perrett –  would like to hereby declare that I am.  And when I say I am, I really am.
Stepping into a stationary shop with all its endless possibilities of filing configurations, labelling and colour-coding systems sends me into a seismic spin of epic ‘happy’ proportions. I can honestly say I feel the same way about the running of our office as some women, for instance, feel about shoe-shopping (to be honest, I’m quite good at that too).

I love keeping

on top of our suppliers bills so that the Head of Credit Control at our builders merchants calls and thanks me for being so efficient.

I jump for joy

when a new business call comes in and I can direct them to our blog, where they can read all the lovely things our past clients have said about us, knowing at the same time that all of these past clients would be happy to have prospective clients go see our work ‘in the flesh’. (We encourage this). Read our “People Say the Nicest Things” post

I delight in sending

our weekly status reports to clients on the longer and more intricate builds, so they know what has been completed that week and what is planned for the next.

I relish phoning a

prospective client exactly two weeks later, when I said I would, to see how they are getting on with their architects and plans.

I adore scheduling

the time of the individuals on our team, working out what and where they will be building in the next few months.

I savour putting a

contract together for sign off by a client – as it means the tender process can officially be considered complete and I can write their build date in our diary in pen not pencil

I revel in

recommending our network of trusted collaborators – like  – as I know we trust these people, especially mliving so close together on and around Dartmoor.

I happily update

our website as it makes me feel proud of what we have achieved and how we feel we set ourselves apart from the rest through the way we look and talk.

All this loving of process and paperwork, admin and arithmetic may seem bizarre to some – and that’s fine. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea – and it’s certainly not Marco’s. But it just totally is mine.
And getting this bit right has proved to us over the years we’ve been trading, that crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s makes Marco’s job of building much easier. With less of the paperwork stuff to worry about he has the confidence and peace of mind to focus on the things that he does best. Planning and working through the complexities of ‘the build’ and managing our lovely ‘family’ of tradesmen.
In turn, (we’re told) the customer feels in control of the budget, the scope, the timeframe, the project – as we have it all covered.
Now excuse me. I must just go and fill up my stapler…
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