Collaborating with our clients.

A complete internal, two-storey reconfiguration, working to architects plans.

Duration: 10 weeks (Jan – March 2013).

We have just said farewell to Marco after three months but he and the whole of the Perrett family will not be forgotten.


From the first response to our invitation to tender for the job we realised that we had found a team that matched our aspirations. Their approach was methodical, precise and professional and, even had their quotation not been so competitive, I think they would still have been the successful bidders.


With Marco as the front man and Emma providing all the administrative back-up (as well as being a busy wife and mother) this is a formidable combination. The family is further extended by the specialist sub-contractors (steelwork, plastering, plumbing and carpentry) brought on to site and by the suppliers who service the business. From discussions, it is clear that Perrett & Family Builders is respected on all sides!


Marco himself is a perfectionist. Not once in his time on site did he use the use the phrase “Oh, leave it, it’ll do” – I think he would choke on the words! Similar standards prevail in the others he brings in. If he has a fault it is that he is too helpfully co-operative: if anyone on site has a problem Marco will leap in to assist or advise to the detriment of his own priorities. This often leads to some very late finishes while he strives to catch up on his own after everyone else has fled. Emma, who controls everything else with apparent ease, hasn’t managed to win on this aspect yet!


One other major asset of this team is their enthusiasm for discussing the job. We had architect-drawn plans but in numerous areas, the detail was changed for the better (both physically and financially) by drawing on the practical experience of the team. Very early on in the build we learned to place implicit trust in Marco’s judgement and skill. When problems do arise or, as Marco would utter “not a problem”, analysis and discussion will always resolve it.


Our project was a bit unusual in that, by reason of budget, we chose to take on certain aspects of the work ourselves and to complete most of the final fit and finish. Working with many builders in this way could lead to confusion and friction but with Marco it was “not a problem”. What was a problem was that he expressed serious concern about the amount of work being left undone and almost had to be driven off site at the end!


Despite the inevitable upheaval, noise and muck, we have enjoyed the experience of working with Perrett & Family Builders and guess there aren’t many projects of our type where the clients can say that with sincerity.


If you were to ask us to recommend a builder, we would first have to decide whether you were worthy of their attention before we gave you the names of our new friends, the Perrett Family!

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