A little leadwork and a lot of sitar…

You wouldn’t necessarily put leadwork and sitar music together – but we can and we did.

Working close to home on Dartmoor, Marco did some much needed leadwork repair to a roof.

But when you’re working for a music scholar (our client) – and you’re a builder with over 3,000 records – the conversation is bound to move from the love of lead to the love of sound. On this occasion, the sound of sitar specifically.

Marco may be known for his Northern Soul leanings – but that doesn’t see him dismissing other musical genres (although he does seemingly draw the line at Mrs P’s Drum n’ Bass affliction).

So. In honour of our musical client and the conversation on a windy, sun-kissed valley of Dartmoor about sitar music, here is Mr Marco Perrett’s top 5 favourite sitar tracks.

See Рleadwork and sitar music together, in one fell swoop. Easy.

‘Mathar’ by Dave Pike


‘Indo Jazz Fusions’ by Joe Harriot


‘Walking on Nails’ by Gabor Szabo


‘Within You, Without You’ The Beatles


‘Paper Sun’ by Traffic




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