How to be a great client

Sorry. It’s not going to be nice to hear, but as well as cowboy builders – there are cowboy clients out there too.

Clients who either don’t pay or who don’t accept that more time can mean more money if the work is unforeseen or has changed from the original brief.

Builders get a bad rap and we can understand why when we hear some of the stories from clients. Placing your trust in a building firm takes a big leap of faith.

Yet it’s not all about us. You can help us be better and give some builders a great name.

The relationship we build with you is key to how the project develops and its success. We want to always be able to walk away proud of the work we’ve done and shake you by the hand on leaving your beautiful new home. Hopefully with a glowing testimonial.

We believe all it takes to be a perfect client is clarity.


Clear brief and set of plans 


A list of the work you need done to help give us a good starting point.

A good set of architects plans if your project deems it necessary. (Please – don’t get your dad to draw them – spend some money on a registered architect. This way, there will be no surprises and we can put together a more realistic set of building costs as all the measurements will be set down).

Clear communication to help us manage expectations.


What do you want it to look like? When do you need it done by? What are you worried about? Talk to us upfront either at the start or at our weekly meetings during the course of the porject. Help us to help manage your expectations and manage the project alongside you.

Clear set budget and contingency.


A quote is a quote is a quote. Yes. But if there are unforeseen works or changes or additions to the original brief, these will take us more time. And as much as we love building, our time costs money. It’s how we make our living. So – use our ‘Changing Works’ form that we provide and keep back a contingency budget for when changes occur.

Thank you and #happybuilding

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