#happybuilding Step 3: A robust budget

A robust budget


We take the brief, the sketch and our practical building input (site practicalities, structural and material suggestions) and feed them into the Quantity Surveyor who costs your project.

They then produce a concrete set of numbers that represent all the labour, electric, plumbing, materials, provisional and preliminary costs that need to be considered to build the design to date.

This is the litmus test.

  • Do the numbers work?
  • Do they allow for contingency?
  • Do they allow for those gold taps (or whatever takes your fancy).
  • Or do they exceed your budget? Has it become an unrealistic building project?
  • What are the reasons for this and can they be flexed to produce a design that is still the dream but that takes into account some compromises to still enable¬†it to become real.

#happybuilding Step 4: The #happybuilding feasibility plan. Next post.

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