#happybuilding Step 2: How do you get inspiring architects drawings?

How do you get inspiring architects drawings?

Work with inspiring architects who work locally and are members of RIBA. Let us introduce you to a few…

Van Ellen & Sheryn. www.vanellensheryn.com
Rud Sawers Architects. www.rudsawersarchitects.com
Scarratt & Martyn, www.scarrattandmartyn.co.uk
Woodford Architecture. www.woodfordarchitecture.com
Stan Bolt: Architect. www.stanboltarchitect.com
Gillespie Yunnie Architects. www.gyarchitects.com
Harrison Sutton Partnership. www.harrisonsutton.com
EJW Architects. www.ejwarchitects.com
Harris McMillan Architects. www.hmad.co.uk

We have been lucky enough to work with many of the architects above.

Using your brief as a starting point, and with the outline budget in mind, we work together with an architect to create a set of drawings to bring your ideas to life. Sense-checking the heart of the design with the head of a builder.

From a practical building perspective, we think through the issues and opportunities your project presents and flesh these out with the architect, before they become lost or get in the way further down the line.

From these drawings, we can then cost your project and establish what is and isn’t feasible moving forward.

#happybuilding step 3. A robust budget. Next post.

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