#happybuilding Step 1. How to write a great client brief

What makes a good client brief?


Think of it as the best shopping list you’ll ever write.

A list that will kick your project off in the most productive and valuable way. Giving your builder and architect detail and insight into the why and the what, from your perspective, to help them solve the exactly where, how and when.

Write your list bearing these following drivers in mind.


What is your ultimate aim for the building project? Space; renovation; re-sale?


How do you want the structure to look and the space to feel? Do you want the design to fit in or stand out? Modern; traditional; sustainable; ecological?


Why do you want to commit to this building project? What are the reasons for creating this new space? Well-being; financial; practical?


What will success look like once the building complete? What do you hope to achieve by this project? Set some markers to measure the evolution of the project against.


What is the ballpark figure you want to invest into the building project? Giving an outline budget now helps everyone on the team to have more efficient and intelligent conversations moving forward.


Some considered image-gathering is always useful. Tear-outs from magazines or even a Pinterest moodboard helps place and centre the early design thinking.

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