The ‘Family’ bit.

People often ask what the Family bit means in ‘Perrett & Family’.

So, an explanation.

We couldn’t do the jobs we do – small, medium or large – if we didn’t have a network of skilled and local craftsman and labourers to draw from. A network of people who help us achieve the really high standard of finished work we are always aiming for.

They’re a mix of people we know from either living on Dartmoor; or experiencing their work and wanting to work with them more or most importantly, hearing them being recommended. In the building trade, great word of mouth is gold-dust.

They’re people like Rich, our steel fabricator; Gavin, the architect in Ashburton; Philip our structural engineer; Rick our certified electrician; Dave, the general plasterer – semi-retired but the best we’ve ever known; Pete and his team of block-workers; Jack, Glenn, John and Paul who help us labour on general builds when we need them.

These are just some of the people who we collaborate and work with on a daily basis.

Then of course, there’s the kids. They may be young, but they’re never too young to get started. Here’s Nancy taking an active role in the purchase of some timber…

All of these people and more make up the family in ‘Perrett & Family Builders’.

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