Building is about people…not just bricks.

Our business arguably is more about people than building.

Don’t get us wrong – we always want to create really great quality building work for our clients and their homes. Yet, homes are about the people that live in them. If a builder doesn’t take time in understanding or getting right the people bit – then we believe they’re not necessarily going to get right the building bit.
Some ways we believe in getting the people bit right…

It’s about listening.

It’s about knowing our stuff.
It’s about earning our client’s trust.
It’s about us being brave enough to be a little bit different and break down the stereotypes of your average builder…ok, Marco likes strong tea, but that’s where it stops!
It’s about being transparent.
It’s about enjoying what we do.
Some of the ways that we think, thinking about people will help make us better builders.

See…it’s not just about bricks.

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