‘Blueprint’ is our made-to-measure building feasibility study.

Introducing you to the right local architect for your project; delivering the best initial design sketches for your budget and clearly laying out the pro’s and con’s of your build from a builder’s perspective. This is our ‘Blueprint’ process.


We designed ‘Blueprint’ to help give larger building projects (new builds, extensions and major refurbishments of a value between £50k-£300k) the best start possible. Enabling us as builders to have input into the strategic, design and cost elements early on. Delivering a more robust, cost-efficient and better build as a result.


Helping a potential client answer the what, why, when and how much is a great way to establish if they are really ready to commit to the time and cost involved in a building project.


Simultaneously, it gives us the chance to flex our strategic building muscles – giving client’s an insight into our approach and how we work. Our ultimate ambition is to inspire you and give you the confidence to start building.


Investing in ‘Blueprint’ sets your building project on a course that will present few surprises, help manage expectations and enable you to plan life before and after the build much more easily.


Call us to talk through our ‘Blueprint’ process.

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