There are three big questions we need to help you answer before you appoint us.

Question 1 - Do you like us?

Do we seem like a nice bunch of people that you’re happy to have in your home, who you can work together with and easily talk to?


We’re not being glib. It’s called chemistry.


We think this is the singular most important question you can ask yourselves.


Call us, meet us and decide.

Question 2 - Are we as good as we hope we are?

Reputation is everything in the building business and it will be our past clients and the work we carried out for them that will help you decide if we really are any good.


We positively encourage you to talk to our clients and go see our work. In the ‘Reputation’ document that we send out to all our prospective clients, you will find a list of people who are happy for you to contact them.


Call them, ask them, see our work and decide.

Question 3 - Can we create good value?

Value. A little word with a lot of meaning.

We believe it’s about impeccable service; the use of quality materials; having the skill in taking the time to articulate and translate a design brief and set of plans; using loyal, trusted and skilled local craftspeople.

We may not be the cheapest building firm around, but what we build will be enduring, beautifully constructed and well thought through. That together with our contracts, status reports and general management, you’ll also feel in a very safe and (quite nicely manicured) pair of hands.

Now decide what good value means to you.


Our Blueprint process

‘Blueprint’ is our made-to-measure building feasibility study.

– Introducing you to the right local architect for your project;

– Delivering the best initial design sketches for your budget.

– Clearly laying out the pro’s and con’s of your build from a builder’s perspective.