An introduction to #happybuilding

Self-builds. New builds. Double & single storey extensions.

Major internal reconfigurations and refurbishments.

If you are committed to the idea of beginning a building project – but not sure where or how to start, we’re here to help you.

#happybuilding is all about great planning.

A great client brief; an inspiring set of drawings by a local architect; a robust and true set of corresponding costs to build the design, prepared by a Quantity Surveyor; Building Regulations and planning applications in place and finally, a realistic schedule of works and timeline for the project and team to work to.

Investing in the above sets your building project on a course that will present few surprises, help manage expectations and enable you to plan life before and after the build much more easily.

Our next post will be about how to write a great client brief and get your building project off to the best start.

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