How it all began…

Once there lived a builder with his wife and two children. They lived in an old cottage on the foothills of Dartmoor. They had not always lived there but had travelled a long way from the big, brightly lit city of London.


Marco was always a builder, building beautiful homes for the beautiful people of Primrose Hill and rock n’ roll studios for rock n’ roll bands.


Emma worked in the world of advertising, helping sell everything from washing powder to designer knickers. They fell in love, got married at The Groucho Club then ran away to Devon, as they had heard both good air and good fishing were in plentiful supply.


Whilst swimming in the River Dart one afternoon, which is how they liked to pass their time in those early days, they decided to build their own business of building. They would call it Perrett & Family Builders. Their family now also included one Nancy and one Stanley – but they had also begun to build a family of crafts and tradespeople who they knew they wanted to work with.


The aim for their business was to build in the county they loved, for people that cared as much as they did about good building and great design. Emma was always very proud of Marco being a builder. He worked harder and longer than anyone she had ever met (he also danced the best). He was honest, true and fair to all he worked with.


Quality building work; trust; transparency (and really good paperwork) became what they were known for. Detail was king – from each perfect brick to each perfect project report…and now it is today and we are here.

Welcome to the home of #happybuilding