#happybuilding is our campaign to make the business of building beautiful. Here is an introduction to some of the themes of our crusade (and work in progress)…


Instilling some pride back into the business of building.

Building any type of structure takes skill and expertise. We’re good at what we do and we love it – that’s surely something to be proud of, isn’t it?


The building trade has garnered a bad reputation over the years. We’re intent on changing people’s perception of construction and feel motivated, inspired and confident to employ us.


Smashing the stereotypes about builders.

Guess what? We’ve got brawn and brains.


From years of building many different types of residential, domestic structures – we’ve sure got the muscles.


Yet building also demands strategy, logic, pragmatism, sensitivity, creativity, forward-planning, negotiation, mathematics and an ability to articulate and make real an architects drawings into a real home.


Promoting the industry as both vocational and aspirational for the young builders of Sussex.

In the planning stages with local colleges, we’ve designed a series of  speaker events given by members of our team to those considering getting involved within the South West construction industry.


Helping create a new ambitious and driven workforce for the future – helping build our business and you, great homes.


Creating more confidence through greater transparency by laying out a really clear way of appointing and working with us.

Finding and selecting the right builder can be complicated and time-consuming. Each project is different and often requires a slightly different tender process.


However, we believe in essence there are three questions you need us to help you provide the answers to.


Do you like us? Are we as good as we hope we are? Can we create good value? If we come out with flying colours, then we’re the builder for you.